Unit 1: Intro to Chemistry

States of Matter

Unit 2: Atomic Structure

Rutherford's Model

Building an Atom

Isotopes & Atomic Mass


Unit 3: Electrons in the Atom

Unit 4: The Periodic Table

Unit 5: Bonding

Atomic Interactions

Molecular Shapes

Molecular Polarity

Sigma & Pi Bonds and Hybridization

Unit 6: Chemical Nomenclature

Unit 7: Chemical Quantities

Unit 8: Chemical Reactions

Balancing Chemical Equations

Unit 9: Gases

Gas Properties

Unit 10: Stoichiometry

Reactants, Products, and Left Overs

Unit 11: Acids, Bases, and Solutions


Salts and Solubility

Sugar and Salt Solutions


pH Scale

Acid-Base Solutions

Unit 12: Reaction Rates & Equilibrium

Reactions & Rates

Reversible Reactions


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